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Entry #18

Question my fucked up name here

2010-06-13 14:51:16 by kdfsjljklgjfg

After many years, there have been thousands of times my name has been questioned, often off-topic in a serious thread. I am rather familiar with "What is the deal with your name?" Among other questions.

So to categorize it all in one place.....

Fire away with any inquiries regarding the random garbled chunks of consonants I call my username.


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2010-06-13 14:55:02

They're all letters on the same line. That about sums it up.

kdfsjljklgjfg responds:

A. That's how I got one of my many nicknames, home row.
B. Not a question. You fail.


2010-06-13 14:59:29

You realize noone gives a shit, right?

kdfsjljklgjfg responds:

Obviously you gave a shit enough to come post about it, as did Me-Patch, so you're either devoid of logical thinking or a liar.


2010-06-13 15:15:42

hey that's the dude from assassins creed on your avatar, right?

kdfsjljklgjfg responds:



2010-06-13 15:28:31

Were you on acid when you came up with your name?

kdfsjljklgjfg responds:

No, just being very uncreative.


2010-06-13 15:38:20

I think me and Black-Flame are the only ones who can say your name correctly.

kdfsjljklgjfg responds:

Some people come REALLY close, but I think indeed only you two and maybe Snype can say it right.


2010-07-05 01:42:58

If your name was a question, asking answer for another question, which is a question about circumference of a turtle shell, can you tell me why the fuck I am still awake when it's 2 AM, typing this shit in on your page?


2010-11-03 20:10:35

How did you manage to remember your name after you created it?

kdfsjljklgjfg responds:

It was (and still is) my xbox live gamertag. Since it auto-signed me on, I had plenty ot times to see it without needing to type it in. After seeing it so many times and having people ask about it, it got pretty easy to remember. Repetition, my friend. Then I changed my NG name to it and haven't looked back.


2010-11-23 18:12:18

And how did you come up with it? Lack of creativity while looking at the keyboard? :P

kdfsjljklgjfg responds:

Pretty much. I couldn't think of anything and just smashed my fingers all over the keyboard. The end result was what you see before you.


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